• This is the policy page! It'd be really good if you read them.

But just a few things that should be common sense-

No defiling other people's pages.

No heavy swearing.

No isulting Vocaloid.

No acting like an idiot. Insanity is allowed.

Things to Help:

Roleplaying goes something like this:

Bob- Chews on cookie like a hamster. "NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM."

Sonika- "You eat funny...."

Claiming and Creating

1. Please create an account before creating or claiming a vocaloid. There are several reasons for this, two being that we can leave a message on your talk page if we need to, and we can track you down and kick your but Miku-on-coffee style if you do something bad.

2. Please make a forum page and wait before claiming or creating a vocaloid/place. It helps us put things in categories and stuff like that.

3. You can have up to fifteen characters.

4.For the sake of fanservice, it IS okay to have a character from another anime, book, video game, or etc. as long as that character isn't in the place already and there isn't a fanmade vocaloid using that person's picture.

5. If you're making a place, make sure it has several areas to roleplay and some shops.

6. If your place has something to spark a main storyline, such as a story or a warning, your place will most likeley get accepted.


5. Please try to use okay grammar. Saying something like, "Oooohhhhh, this will be sooooooo interesting! Cheese is awesome! TEEHEE!" is okay, but "MEIKO IZ LIKE SO SHZNG WHERD NOMZ NOMZ NOMZ " is not. Someone can slap you for that.

6. No heavy swearing.

7. Try to get on as much as you can! Don't be gone for more than a year, please.

8. NO GODMODDING. Allow people to respond.

9.There isn't a money system, but there IS an inventory. It gets bigger every week. No overflowing.