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She has long blonde hair and blue eyes. Plus, her ears are covered by a pair headphones. Her clothes are a black and yellow, sleeveless, unzipped overcoat. She wears a light blue and white skirt and black and yellow high-heeled boots.


Lily was the third "Artist vocal" voicebank by Internet Co., Ltd. Unlike past Vocaloids by Internet co., Ltd she was not part of the "poid" series and was more of a promotional or guest appearance.[1]

Strengths Edit

Lily offers a professional singer vocal and is a vocal intended to be of noted quality. Lily has a mature sounding female voicebank and is a husky voice overall. She can sing in a low or mid voice better than in a high voice. A few improvements were made between demo and full release. Lily is also capable of reaching the lowest known optimum vocal range of any female Vocaloid 2, reaching as low as #D2.[2]

Weakness Edit

Although Lily produces clear pronunciations she has trouble producing a consonant alone. Her voice also has been referred to have a nasal pronunciation, and has a notorious metallic tone. Also she has some issues related with the phoneme, the vowel combinations that include it tends to be choppy.

Demo VersionEdit

The Demo gave users the ability to test Lily's upcoming software for 30 days for free. This allowed users to test to see if they liked her voicebank enough to buy it.

Some users reported Lily's demo voicebank had pronunciation problem that she could not carry the "i"s (い) over two notes. Her "o"s (お) could get distorted if followed by "n" (ん). Another reported problem was that her consonants could not be pronounced if left on the end.[3] Due to its wide distribution, it was relatively easy to get hold and was cracked quite quickly.



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